That’s right, Winter Dance Company is the Home of Legends in the Making, otherwise known as “LiTM”. LiTM, is a Unisex Hip Hop Dance Team that ranges from ages 5-21. The team is under Artistic Director, Winter D. McCray, and Head Coaches, as well as Creative Directors, and Founders, Janèsa Richardson, and Dwight Bell. Around the world, there are Unisex Dance Teams and Crews, such as the “lil beasts”, and the “Royal Family Dance Crew”, and as of this past year, there is one making quite some noise in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The style that the team focuses on is traditional Hip Hop, such as the dance styles displayed on America’s Best Dance Crew.

They condition for anywhere from five to nine hours, and practice once a week. The Coaches exercise discipline, etiquette, faith in Christ, team bonding, mentorship, education, leadership, responsibility, and stress a family FIRST, and team SECOND. They pray at every practice, Performance, and Competition, and operate as one. They have placed in every single Competition they have entered, and have taken home all First Place Trophy’s in every Division in their last Competition, and this was all only in their First Year. They have participated in a Performance Tour Week, traveling all the way to the College Campus of Southeastern University, in Hammond, Louisiana, to perform for My Kicks the Passion’s Second Annual Sneaker Summit.

Even though they are a Hip Hop team, they are trained in everything. Being that their two Coaches have a wide variety of training, from Ballet to Hip Hop, African to Ballroom, and Gymnastics and Cheerleading to Jamaican, etc., they expose the members to everything they know, including music editing, and media. They also have teams within the team, such as, “The Gyals”, a Jamaican Hip Hop Small Group, and “Legendary Legends”, which is the older, advanced members, who get booked for Gigs, and get compensation for their performance. They are mentored about contracts, agencies, workshops, and more. Legends in the Making is more than a Dance Team, they are a true family. For more information call 225.650.5841 or email litm@winterdanceco.com.

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