Parent Observation

Parents and Visitors may wait in the foyer during classes. Parent Observation dates will be announced. PARENTS NOR VISITORS are allowed in the dance room during classes.


All information concerning events, class cancellations, and important dates are posted on our website. We will follow East Baton Rouge Parish School closures due to bad weather. Make-up classes will be announced. If in doubt, please give us a call or check the website for more information. Our site functions as a way to keep students and parents informed and up to date on studio events and activities. Please visit this site often to receive current studio information as it is updated regularly.

Monthly Newsletter

In addition to the website, a monthly newsletter will be given out to keep you informed of upcoming events and dates.


No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes. Good attendance is essential to the student’s progress. Arriving late for class is disruptive to the class and it is unfair to the students and instructor. All students must arrive on time.

Studio Holidays

WDC honors the following holiday: one week for the Thanksgiving Holidays, two weeks for the Christmas/New Year Holidays, Martin Luther King Holiday, two days for Mardi Gras, one week for Spring Break & Memorial Day. (See Important Dates Section)

Drop off & Pickups

Students should arrive 5-10 minutes of the beginning of their class time and wait in the foyer with parent/guardian until the instructor opens the dance room. Students must remain in class until dismissed by the instructor. If a student needs to leave early, he/she must inform the instructor prior to class. WDC staff cannot be held responsible for unsupervised children. There is no one to supervise children when they are not in class. Parents/Guardians must come inside the dance studio to sign in and out their child(ren). Siblings may not wait inside nor outside the studio when they are not in class, nor can they wait in the dance room during their siblings’ class time.


If, for any reason, it becomes necessary to withdraw a child from class, please notify the studio by submitting a withdrawal form before the first of the next month to avoid tuition being charged again. Tuition and other fees will continue to be charged until a letter of withdrawal has been received. No refunds will be given. (You may print out the Withdrawal Notice Form on the website and email it to or complete the form at the studio).

Donate Dance Attire

Donate any new or gently used dance bags, dance attire, and dance shoes that are too small. These items will be available for students that may need them.

Community Service Involvement

We encourage our students to be a positive asset to the community. We will have quarterly community service projects that will be open to all students and parents.

Studio & Team Paraphernalia

Order studio and team paraphernalia at the studio. Complete the Product Order form located inside of the foyer.