The recital is a very special event for WDC. Students showcase their hard work and dedication and the instructors are proud as can be of the outcome of their commitment to excellence. We have once again dedicated an entire weekend for this joyous occasion. The dress rehearsal and recital are held at the LSU Student Union Theatre. More information will be given out as the recital approaches.
Recital & Dress Rehearsal: Tenative Date  TBA
**Recital and costume fees must be paid in full and all appropriate dance shoes and accessories must be purchased in order to participate in the recital.
Souvenir Booklets
Ads will be sold for inclusion in the 2019-2020 Souvenir Booklets beginning November 4th. Deadline to submit payment for ads TBA
Recital Tickets
Recital ticket purchasing date and deadline TBA. (Each student receives four tickets with their Recital Fee). Tickets are $15. Additional tickets may be purchased the night of the recital at the LSU Student Union Theatre.
Costumes will be distributed date TBA.
Class & Team Pictures for the Souvenir Booklet
Class & Team Picture dates TBA.
Individual & Group Pictures
Students will have the opportunity to take individual and group pictures with our studio’s photographer, Charles Griffin (Griffin-Vizion). More info TBA.